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Bullying. Jodee Blanco. Somebody does understand.

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From Students:

“My name is Victoria and I’m a freshman… there is no way to thank you enough for coming to schools like ours in order to help prevent what happened to you… thank you so much for dedicating your life to helping us… I was extremely inspired today.”

  -- Victoria

“ My name is Sara and I’m 13 years old… a couple of months ago you came to my school…I was touched by your presentation… after your presentation I made more friends with people I don’t usually talk to … I feel like I made a difference and that’s a good feeling.”

  -- Sara

“Thank you soooo much for coming to my school… since you came to speak you have made a tremendous difference in my school life.”

  -- Jessica

“Hi! You came to my school today… your story and your speech have really changed my life… I know I speak for my whole grade when I say you really touched us…it was such a big impact on us and I’m just so glad I had the chance to see you.”

  -- Laura

From Parents:
“ My daughter is a 7th grader…you are an inspiration for not only my daughter, who was moved by you, but for myself… thank goodness you have the gift to give back and address something so horrible that happened in your life and publically speak about it to help others.”

  -- Karen

“I attended your presentation to prepare myself in the event that my children are bullied or bully other children… Thank you, Jodee… I appreciate that you share your story with our children and help them to be kind to each other, help them not to scar each other for life but rather to save each other’s lives”

  -- Lindsay

From Teachers:
“ Hi my name is Lisa and I was at your seminar tonight… you’re awesome…I just wanted to say I think what you’re doing is great and I really learned all the different persepectives that are involved in bullying.”

  -- Lisa

“Thank you so much for coming to our school in Hettinger… I thought your presentation was remarkable and cannot stop thinking about what you said.”

  -- Debbie

Adult Survivor:
“ I heard you speak at the NCEA Convention in California… I was also a victim of bullying … you’re an inspiration…thank you.”

  -- Connie

“Just arrived home to my apartment…after just hearing you speak…I am an adult survivor…I was actually able to shed some tears as I recalled my memories of torture during your talk…thank you.”

  -- Carolyn

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