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Bullying. Jodee Blanco. Somebody does understand.

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Please Stop Laughing at Me... Journal
A Safe Place for Us to Talk

Author: Jodee Blanco

You're not alone - someone does understsand
And that someone is me...

It's an honor to meet you. My name is Jodee Blanco. From fifth grade through high school, I was the kid no onewould hang out with, the one everybody made fun of and excluded. Now matter how hard I tried, I didn't fit in, for the same reason maybe you struggle with your classmates too... simply for being different.

I know what it's like to be the best of mean jokes, to have people who you thought were your friends turn on you, to long for invitations to parties that never come... I understand what you're going through, I travel to schools across the country sharing my story with students, and I spend hours listening to their stories too.

Its time for me to listen to you now. Whatever you've been afraid to talk about with anyone else, you can share right here in these pages. It's between you and me.

Let's get started.

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