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Bullying. Jodee Blanco. Somebody does understand.

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Please Stop Laughing at Us... The Sequel To The New York Times Bestseller Please Stop Laughing At Me.
Author: Jodee Blanco

With her New York Times bestselling memoir Please Stop Laughing at Me…, the shocking story of how she was tormented by her classmates from elementary through high school, Jodee Blanco sparked a landmark movement in our nation’s schools. In this compelling sequel, she responds to the demand for more information from teens, parents, educators, and other adult survivors like herself who have come to know and trust her as the champion of their cause.

She provides advice, answers, and solutions, set against the dramatic narrative of her own deeply personal journey as the survivor who unexpectedly finds herself the voice of America’s forgotten students. Persuasive and enlightening, this is the definitive work on school bullying, and the story of America’s rejected youth from the perspective of the one person with unprecedented access to the truth about what’s going on in our schools. Travel with her as she witnesses the apathy of teachers and administrators who ignore students in peril, and celebrate with her as she meets adults in the school systems who are risking everything for their students. The author exposes both the strengths and vulnerabilities of a nation too clouded by empty rhetoric and self-defense to understand the crisis that is crying out to be addressed.

In the new edition, available now, Jodee includes an updated introduction, separate Q & A sections in the back of the book for parents, educators, and universities, along with a deeply personal and moving new epilogue.



Glossary of Key Terms from Please Stop Laughing at Us... The Sequel To The New York Times Bestseller Please Stop Laughing At Me...

Adult Survivor of Peer Abuse™—an adult who was chronically bullied and/or shunned by his classmates and who has been scarred by this abuse.

Aggressive Exclusion™—the most damaging form of bullying, often used by Elite Tormentors, best defined as a deliberate omission of kindness. Examples include letting someone sit alone at lunch every day, ignoring someone as if he’s invisible, always choosing the same person last when dividing into teams in class, letting someone walk alone to class and never inviting him to participate in social gatherings.

The Ancient Child™—the typical profile of the bullied student, best described as an old soul, a kid who’s blessed or cursed, depending upon how you look at it, with a stronger conscience, and a more evolved sense of compassion and empathy than other kids his age. No matter how hard he tries to hide it, in the end, the sensitive, thoughtful adult inside him usually wins out over the teen who just wants to belong.

Arbitrary Exclusion™—when a best friend or group of friends inexplicably turns on someone and persuades everyone else in the clique to follow suit. This form of bullying rarely precipitates any specific act, but seems to come out of nowhere, which is what makes it so devastating.

Compassionate Discipline Driven by Curiosity™—enlightened innovative disciplinary strategies that help children discover the empathy inside them and develop it like a muscle. Its purpose is to teach children the joy of being kind as opposed to the consequences of being cruel, which is the focus of traditional punishment.

Elite Leader™—the caring, compassionate popular student.

Elite Tormentor™—the mean-spirited popular student who employs subtle, insidious forms of bullying such as Aggressive Exclusion and Arbitrary Exclusion.

Empathy Deficit Disorder™—a chronic lack of empathy that inhibits a child’s access to the compassion inside him.

Irreverent Educator™—the teacher with the instinct of an activist. He or she isn’t afraid to stand up to authority or challenge the status quo and will break the rules when necessary. The Reverent Educator is the teacher who respects the rules and prefers established policies and procedures to get things done.

• Note: Both types of educators are equally vital to the system. One is the catalyst for change, and the other the facilitator, and it’s the blending of the two that makes a school run efficiently.

Rejection Junkie Syndrome™—a form of self-sabotage experienced by many peer abuse victims in which a person grows so accustomed to negative attention from his classmates that when they finally do leave him alone it’s like a death, and he finds himself provoking them to bully him again because if he’s being ridiculed at least he knows he still exists. It’s as if circumstances drive him to make a choice between being a no one and being a target.

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